Fabric Republic celebrates Easter by creating unique candles for those who wish to make the eco-friendly choice!

On our site you will find a variety of handmade candles to give to your loved ones and yourself. With so many beautiful options, you'll have a hard time choosing!

For our creations we have utilized natural goods such as raw twine, wood and ceramic elements and dried flowers for decoration, while incorporating Fabric Republic's zero-waste ideology. How? By using fabrics from artisans who no longer use them and by placing items from unworn clothing, such as buttons.

At the same time, we are proud to say that the creation of the candle you will soon be holding in your hands has been made entirely by women who have joined our staff as part of our support for socially vulnerable groups. But we could not omit the participation and great help from our beloved volunteers, whom we thank very much!

In this initiative we have united everything we stand for, respect for the environment, practical support for people in need, zero-waste ideology and of course our love to offer and pass on these ideas to you!

By buying a candle you can help much more than you thought!

Tip: See here how you can reuse your Easter candle to create a new one and warm up your home!

Make the eco- friendly choice!

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