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Our history

Our story

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The idea

The operation of the program begins

Considering the inability of other organisations to manage surplus clothing combined with the huge environmental impact of the fashion industry, overconsumption and lack of information about recycling and reuse of clothing, Fabric Republic came to fill this gap by integrated surplus clothing management system, which focuses on today's social needs, sustainability and sustainable development.

The date that marks the beginning of the Fabric Republic program is set, which is implemented with the founding donor ; the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.


The first steps

The first 35 partners receive clean clothes

The first bins for collecting clothes are placed in three places in Athens. At the same time, the network of cooperating non profit organisations is significantly expanded, reaching the number of 35 partners. Fabric Republic, upon their request, systematically supplies the beneficiaries οf each organisation with clean clothes.


The evolution

"NGO of the Year" in the category Environment

The collaboration with the Inditex group in the second life project begins

The expansion of the collection points begins with a collaboration that would radically change the course of the program. Fabric Republic is part of the Inditex group stores, increasing the inflow of clothing by 80%. The number of organisations we cooperate exceeds rapidly reaching the number of 80 in total.  "Upcycling" comes to the foreground with the creation of handmade products from recycled clothes & fabrics that cannot be worn again!

The year closes with the "NGO of the Year" award in the Environment category, from the Hellenic Responsible Business Awards.



The operation of the e-shop and the showroom begins

Our e-shop starts its operation by presenting for the first time handmade upcycled creations. At the same time our laboratory expands its operation in our Showroom in New Philadelphia. Thus, the circle of clothes comes to life.

In the same year we launched three upcycled collections in order to support non-profit organisations such as Athens Pride, Together for the Child, Jump of Life.


We grow together

More than 250 collection points are created throughout Greece

The pop-up store begins its journey

Our collection points are multiplying all over Greece, exceeding the number of 250.Our in-house product line is growing like our team, with the creation of three new jobs for people from socially vulnerable populations.

Our pop-up store was hosted in 12 actions / events in order to spread awareness on topics like sustainability & recycling of clothing, the disposal of recycled products, social interaction and the creation of on-site clothing collection points.


To be continued...