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Our commitment

#more than a brand
We believe in the power of individuality and the collective influence of conscious consumption choices.
This search leads to new perspectives; every time we enter a clothing store it is important to ask ourselves 'who made my clothes', 'which materials are they made of and under what conditions they were made. In this way, one step at a time, we manage to realise the impact of our consumer decisions on people and the environment.
At Fabric Republic you can feel fully confident about your purchases knowing that we always prioritise people and also this planet that hosts us.Our wish is that on this journey of exploration every time you wear something from us to feel 100% yourself!
All of our products are made with love & responsibility, drawing inspiration from different people, from people who choose to take action for mankind & the environment, those who change our world and make it more beautiful.


of our products are handmade


of our team consists exclusively of women


organic cotton and eco - friendly are all of our t-shirts


of the fabrics used are upcycled


of the revenue are spent on providing clean clothing to people who do not have access to it through cooperation with 90 charities


of selected products financially support non-profit organisations such as “Alma Zois “- Panhellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer, Athens Pride - Supporting line “Dipla sou - 11528”, Together for the Child


ecological without the use of plastics is the packaging and is made with environmentally friendly materials


people have access to clean clothing


lower CO2 emissions are achieved through the reuse of clothing


of our production is made in Greece

Our Commitment

Our Commitment